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Water blaster Details

EGYLIFT are a market leader as service provider for drill pipe and oil riser cleaning systems. For manually cleaning pipes, box & pins in different locations our diesel engine driven, 10' foot, containerized unit, our skid mounted or trailer mounted units are ideal.


Our very basic equipment will clean 20 to 30 drill pipes in an 8 hour shift and with high skills manpower and solid experience we are able to made box and pins in the same 8 hour shift.  


  • We are clean the pipe ID first and then clean the OD.
  • Or if he requires fast production, he can clean both the ID and the OD at the same time.  
  • Plastic lined pipes are not damaged due to the variable pressures of the system.  
  • Using 2,800 bar (40,000 psi) pressure we can clean the pipes, box and pins to a surface finish suitable for NDT inspection.
  • With our larger pumps removing hard concrete or cement from the pipes is not a problem.
  • With our system there is no requirement for abrasive bead blasting.
  • NORM Scale is easily removed.   
  • Our Riser cleaning equipment is the fastest on the market.