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EGYLIFT Inspection Details

Inspection Service

                EGYLIFT supplies the industry's most comprehensive well  integrity, safety, and efficiency in every step of your tubular  running operations  With progressive experience and a  portfolio ranging from conventional equipment to advanced  mechanized rig systems, EGYLIFT can engineer cost-effective  solutions and execute high-quality services to address your  unique drilling situation                                                            


EGYLIFT's Certification:

  1. IAF certified in the scope of
    Inspetion, Testing. Accreditation, Training, Drill Pipes, Tubing, Water jet, Casing, Well control, NDT, Oil and Gas, and others... 
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 4500


Egylift inspection service 
  1. NDT
    -Ultra Sonic
  2. Tublar Inspection
  3. OTCG
  4. Lifting
  5. DROPS Object Servey
  6. Painting Inspection

You can learn more about our Certifications/Accreditations by downloading this PDF